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Boul de Pierrefonds, Pierrefonds, QC   LOS ANGELES, Los Angeles, TX

Distance from my departure: 14.29 miles
  Distance traveled: 2103 miles
Distance from my destination: 237.41 miles
Departure date: August 1, 2014 @ 06:00
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Non smokerAvailable for driving if necessaryPassenger
Why the following carpool matches are suggested even though they are not exactly identical to my itinerary?
Because the carpool matching function have detected other users with similar portion of itineraries.
Ottawa bus terminal, Ottawa, ON   CHICAGO, Chicago, IL

Distance from my departure: 103.17 miles
  Distance traveled: 790 miles
Distance from my destination: 940.96 miles
Flexible departure date: from September 4, 2014 to September 10, 2014
Non smokerPassenger
Rue Farwell, Sherbrooke, QC   Compton Blvd e, East Compton, CA
Time of departure: 07:30 (Flexible)
Distance from my departure: 80.17 miles
  Distance traveled: 2949 miles
Distance from my destination: 1367.93 miles
Days: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
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